Dedicated to improving educational outcomes for California's children and youth in foster care.

The CA Foster Youth Education Task Force is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for foster youth in California by bringing together subject matter experts representing more than 35 organizations and agencies to engage in cross-systems collaboration.  The Task Force is always recruiting new members.  Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting improved educational opportunities and successes for California's foster youth.

Students from foster care attending California community and state colleges and in Transition programs at opening night activities of the CA Foster Youth Education Summit.

Next Meeting Date

Our next meeting is an in person meeting in Sacramento on February 22nd.

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Recent Publications

AB 1909 Notice Request (Child Welfare Agency) [PDF]
AB 1909 Notice Request (Child Welfare Agency) [Word]
AB 1909 Notice Request (Ed Rights Holder) [PDF]
AB 1909 Notice Request (Ed Rights Holder) [Word]
AB 1909 Notice Request (Minor's Counsel) [Word]

We are pleased to share with you template letters that minor’s counsel, educational rights holders, and child welfare agency representatives can use to request the school discipline-related notices for foster children that are required pursuant to AB 1909 (2012), which became effective on January 1, 2013. We are hopeful these template letters will enhance implementation of this relatively new law seeking to decrease disproportionate use of school discipline against foster children and youth.

Ed Law Fact Sheets - 4th Edition [PDF]
These fact sheets contain information and legal citations to the key provisions of AB 490, AB 167, and laws impacting education rights, early care and education, education services for transition aged youth, special education, non-public schools, functional behavioral assessments, behavioral intervention plans, school discipline, and special education discipline. Updated as of February 2011.

AB 167 Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]
A compilation of frequently asked questions about California Assembly Bill 167 (AB 167), California legislation that amended section 51225.3 of the California Education Code (E.C.) to exempt pupils in foster care from school district graduation requirements that exceed state graduation requirements if the pupil transfers to the district, or transfers from one high school to another within a district in the 11th or 12th grade if the pupil would not be reasonably able to complete the additional district requirements.

CAL Ed Summit Report [PDF]
During the 2007 California Foster Youth Education Summit, six cross- disciplinary workgroups discussed a specific issue brief and defined a series of recommendations. Each workgroup then presented its recommendations to a joint panel of thirteen members of the California State Assembly, chaired by Majority Leader Karen Bass and Assemblyman Bill Maze, and members of the California Blue Ribbon Commission on Children in Foster Care, chaired by California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno. The specific recommendations range from proposing incremental changes to improve local communication and collaboration, to encouraging large-scale data collection to improve our understanding of foster youth educational status and achievement rates. This report provides a summary of the recommendations on each issue. It includes an appendix of the policy briefs prepared for discussion at the summit.